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About LVFO Linkage & Information Server

Logo Lake Victoria Fisheries OrganisationPrototyping and rejuvenation of Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) website is the start of this server.

This site is for the Technical Team (TT), formed by LVFO constituents  IT professionals from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and working on the prototyping of LVFO website.

After sign-in the TT will find preparations of online training, hands-on instructions, and manuals for website creation and maintenance, specially related to the practical circumstances (like data acquisition and processing) as found around an in/on Lake Victoria.

Manuals for users and webmasters are prepared. Instructions for downloading of Open Source software and its use are explained. User manuals for Content Managers of the new LVFO website. How to add and maintain ones own contributions to the website.

Tools are needed for a good workThis website offers a multitude of possibilities and opportunities for the researchers and stakeholders of Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization for a structural cooperation in data sharing and organization.
This site is for the benefit of Lake Victoria surrounding population and improvement of fisheries ecological situation.